NIQI Advantages

Innovative Manufacturing Processes


NIQI and our partners offer more than 100 years of domestic produce, dairy, meat, and seafood experience and expertise. Our plants are experienced with domestic product and regularly deal with the raw material itself. Our state-of-the-art, HAACP-compliant facilities produce our products under strict compliance with federal and or state mandated guidelines, ensuring the quality and integrity of our products.


We use the most advanced packaging technology when applicable to enhance the integrity of the product, including vacuum packaging and heavy test corrugated cases. Our goal is to exceed specifications with our product and packaging.

NIQI is acutely sensitive to the demands of military supply chains. We enhance the integrity of our pallet loads with extra shrink wrap and edge protectors. We also apply a strict quality assurance program focused on loading procedures. Our customer service department is experienced in quick order turnaround, with a wide range of scales and transportation modes. This experience includes extensive knowledge of military’s Defense Distribution Center. We are familiar with product airlift from U.S. airports, military vessel booking, the port system, and approved shipping lines.

Unique Commodity Solutions

From the Arctic Circle to the citrus groves of the American southeast, there are countless culinary wonders available. NIQI finds and works with niche food growers, small farmers, and small manufacturing businesses to offer our clients an unparalleled array of options. This relationship helps our partner farms and businesses grow while expanding the selection for our clients. 

Competitive Pricing

NIQI continuously analyzes meat and seafood market prices to ensure that we offer our customers the best rates. We look for strategic buying opportunities so that we can pass on savings whenever possible. We also offer price reductions and savings to end-user customers through the NAPA rebate program. 

Superior Customer Service

NIQI is a small business. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and value, but recognize that our business – our sustenance – depends on the relationships we build with our clients. NIQI is not a faceless entity; we work hand-in-hand with our customers to make sure that their nutritional needs are always met. When you work with NIQI, you work with Rachel and a trusted staff that you’ll get to know. When you need something, call us and you’ll speak with someone that you know – someone that knows your needs and takes personal pride in fulfilling those needs.